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Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 12:44 PM
By: Neoriceisgood

One more vote for sanity!

Sure thing Levin!

18477: FrustratedProgrammer - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 1:01 PM

For some reason in panel 6 Jay-Jay looks really sad. It threw me off XD

18478: Bisected - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 1:02 PM

Damn Levin, you creepy.

18479: Nathan400 - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 1:20 PM

And Levin continues to demonstrate how much the others need to off him right in front of their faces. Seriously dude, you're making the know criminals look reliable in comparison.

18480: Sandman366 - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 1:54 PM

I mean, yeah, it's a competition, sure...but is it really one you can finish alone?

18481: TheMegax - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 2:00 PM

Levin likes to backstab himself. He's eventually going to be in the same place, pleading for his life... or maybe not. Heck, Levin is unpredictable sometimes.

18482: KueiVolonte - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 2:19 PM

I'm starting to think that anyone who tries to off Levin outside of the voting booth is just gonna be killed by proxy somehow. That's his special condition, the secret thing only he knows.
I'm also starting to think he gets more money for coaxing someone into killing him.

18483: Guest - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 2:55 PM

Ah, but she is clearly wrong. She can provide a vital service! She could, at any moment, stand in front of, speak over, or otherwise occlude Levin's presence, thus improving morale. Granted, a brown-paper-bag would be more effective, but one works with which one has access...

18484: Agent Cook - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 2:56 PM

I'm really wondering what will levin answer when he is asked that exact same question. Constant cussing? Yelling? A permannet glare into your back's softest spot to keep you on guard?

18485: Chameon - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 3:17 PM

.....Levin has zero understanding of survival instincts.

Every single time he opens his mouth he seems to just try to encourage people to kill him.

Is his goal to die here? Does his family get a bonus payout if he dies? Is that the whole scheme for him?

The more players there are, the less likely you yourself are to die. In a battle royale, you want to maximize the number of players, not minimize them. The fewer there are, the more relevant actual skill becomes.

18486: Silver - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 3:26 PM

I mean, in the end Levin will actually succeed in making the rest of them conspire to off him, I just don't understand why he wants to do that so badly...

18487: nitro - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 6:04 PM

i think levin has a deathwish.

18488: David Argall - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 8:19 PM

Since the game has not been declared "winner takes all" or "last alive", some offers were/are possible. half of prize won is to be donated to other players or their heirs. Or promise not to attack other players, or those that vote to spare her. Smiles has said those who lie die, so this promise can be made deadly for the rest of the game.

18489: someone - Wednesday, October 17 2018 - 8:41 PM

his people skills could use some work more than his game competition skills

18490: Author's Note - Thursday, October 18 2018 - 1:04 AM

@David Argall

Infinite asked about this, and it was confirmed that the room doesn't work that way.

18491: Some guy - Thursday, October 18 2018 - 5:13 AM

He forgot the second half of the question.

"Is there any detriment to us in keeping you alive?"

Killing someone just because they don't know if they can be of help to you is stupid.

18492: Saiko - Thursday, October 18 2018 - 8:45 AM

Levin, you don't know is she doesn't have the same blood group or tissue compatibility as you. Maybe you could use her as an organ donor, like for brain transplant or something.

18493: Fuz - Thursday, October 18 2018 - 12:42 PM

@KueiVolonte Like the Jester in Town of Salem? Interesting.

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