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Monday, April 27 2020 - 2:46 AM
By: Neoriceisgood


Q1: Where you ever surprised on how fast (or how slow) the community figured out things about the comic?

A: I'm mostly surprised when people wildly guess without any rhyme or reason and somehow get things right that I haven't even hinted at.

Q2: Any anecdote of your expectations non being matched by what actually happened when the readers got to a particular piece of content?

A: Any time I make a typo and people think it is a plot point.

Q3: Now Noah can use "spirit eyes" to see and talk to Ciel but originally he needed mirrors/reflections to do so.

If you can tell us without spoiling anything else, why was this the case? Why mirrors?

A: In a sense Noah was self reflecting when talking to Ciel.

Q4: How did members of Eddstadt board get their positions? Are they magic users? If yes, how strong are they compared to heroes? Or are they just businessmen with no magic?

A: Yes to all.

Q5: What happened to de Vilette's arm?

A: She lost it.

Q6: Do elves fear and hate Veda?

A: I assume the one that got his face melted does.

Q7: Will there be a cat in HOH

A: Oh you don't even know.

Q8: And pigs! Will there be more pigs?

A: Have you guys been reading my buffer or something?

Q9: How did Logan lose his arm, cause he seems to have some sort of gauntlet replacing it.

A: He lost it by putting a gauntlet on it, but every evening he finds it again when he takes the gauntlet off.

Q10: Will Burk ever obtain a mighty steed?

A: Mighty is a subjective term, so I can't really answer for you.

Q11: Where is the Hero Plan's fifth step? If it doesnt exist, does that mean Burk can't count?

A: Either Burk can't count or there is a 5th step. Alternatively Burk's entire plan is misdirection.

Q12: When the elf mentioned monster, was that in a literal sense, as in, the Empire just has some random monster in some underground lab? Or is this used in a metaphorical sense?

A: I want to say both.

Q13: Will Noah's previous Non-Magicy mates ever show up again? S

A: If they will I doubt they'd be important, especially Cho.

Q14: Will anyone from Resthill show up again?

A: always Grandpa and Melany.

Q15: Are there any spells or technologies to regrow lost limbs? If yes, who can afford them?

A: I mean Ariara had a mechanical arm.

Q16: What is Three's hair made of? Is it like real hair? Plastic fibers? Metal/inorganic fibers? Just something solid in the shape of a wig?

A: Probably all of the above, but, like, fleshier. I just suggest not trying to chew on it like normal hair.

Q17: What is the red thing in Three's hair? Differently coloured hair? Some liquid? Slime? Is it immobile, or does it flow and drip?

A: Look I don't know how to tell you this but ... the less we talk about 3's hair the better.

Q18: I am curious- how many had thought the title was Hero On Hero? I was one.

A: Kinky. But how would I know!

Q19: How large are the populations of the states mentioned so far: Heroland total, Global Order total, Mage king subjects, Justopea, Livarall, Lorg? (Did I miss anything?) Either numbers or share of the world population.

A: Very big, Enormous, Somewhat decent, Pretty big, Somewhat biggish, Larger than it should be. (I don't know if you missed anything..)

Q20: The comic hints that magic users were scarce some time ago, but suddenly a bunch of kids are getting magic from... somewhere?
What is the cause of that "magical explosion"?

A: I want to say magic.

Q21: What is the purpose of EXAMPLE TEXT on page 1508?

A: It functions as example text.

Q22: How old are the main and important secondary characters? Burk, Noah, Tobi; Pablo, Veda, Pirate of the Strorm, Iron Judge, Guy, Eloy, Kimberly, Three, both Blue players. If the mental and physical age differ, tell both. For Tobi: how old does she think she is, and what age would a doctor name, when tasked to estimate her age?

Burk: Unlike popular belief, not in fact a teenager.
Noah: In fact, a teenager.
Tobi: Only looks like a teenager.
Pablo: Much younger than you'd think.
Veda: Don't ask.
Ariara: Don't know
Iron Judge: Moderately grandpa aged.
Guy: Stylishly old.
Eloy: Too young for his drinking habits.
Kimberly: Only old in a relative sense.
Three: Youngest one here.
Both Blue players: One is older than the other.

I forgot to mention which ages refer to their physical or mental age, but I'm sure you guys can figure that out.

Tobi again: Look the doctor would have a lot of questions about the elf ears, claw paws and other inhuman anatomical features we won't discuss here.


As always, I hope this cleared up all your questions! Feel free to ask me more for the next Q&A!

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Tuesday, December 31 2019 - 3:15 PM
By: Neoriceisgood

Happy New Year

Yo! I have arrived in 2020.

Come join me! Happy New Year.

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Friday, April 12 2019 - 1:22 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Page will be a bit later today.


It appears that for some reason my page updater stopped working, so I won't be able to post a new page until Penguin has some time to look at why it doesn't work. >.>

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Saturday, April 6 2019 - 1:06 PM
By: Neoriceisgood

Q&A: part 6

Question 1:
Here's a question of my own: What's your thought process in order to come up with a new character, in terms of their personality and quirks? Do you draw them first or later?

Honestly a mix of both! Some story arcs require certain characters, e.g. major antagonists or allies with certain traits; if I have no design that fits the role I add someone in later.

Other designs I just make as templates to use as I see fit, e.g. many of the heroes for Burk's story.

Others I design with a general idea of their personality with details filled in later, e.g. Fox from Tobi's story had her design and personality both cemented before I fleshed out details of the Smile story arc.

Question 2:
I've got a question : are the three main characters meant to meet one day ?

The storylines will somehow interact, but I refrain from discussing details on the how and when.

Question 3: APTGG mentioned that elves suffer from plant diseases. Is this still the case in HOH?


Question "4": Is the man with hidden face on page 722 the mage-king?

Read through APTGG. Why did you change Noah's hair colour?

In APTGG, Veda seemed to have powers similar to elvish. What was she? Some kind of renegade super-elf? Should we call her a dryad?

There were some other small pieces of background information in APTGG. Which are still valid?

- Does Global Order has 7 quarreling leaders?

- Are some of them uninterested in hunting Three?

- Was mage-king was born 148 years ago?

- Does Pablo have "anti awkward air escape"?

- Were Noah's parents married?

- Is Veda still a renegade super-elf?

- I don't think so!
- Wanted it to look more mundane.
- I wouldn't call her that myself.
- Around that number, yes!
- Motivation to hunt three definitely varies.
- Not sure!
- Yes
- Nope.
- Was she ever? o:

Question 5:
Is the map that appeared in APTGG still valid? It was on page 80: http://www.neorice.com/aptgg_80 If yes, where are Justopea, Lorg and Lost Continent?

- The proportions are slightly off, but largely valid. Only two of those locations are portrayed.

Question 6:
Does Heroland ban firearms?

- With certain exceptions, yes.

Question 7:
When did the aristocrat leave Justopea?

- Question implies he lived there to begin with.

Question 8:
Did the emperor decide to start Project Veda because he discovered the aristocrat's magic powers?

- Who knows!

Question 9:
Is here a mayor villain in this story? Or that just depends of the POV?

- Depends on POV.

Question 10:
So when exactly did you decide "I'm going to make comics"?

Is making comics your main source of income? (don't answer if too personal)

What inspired the 3 main character's names? (Burk/Tobi/Noah)

If you had to "join forces" with another comic and mix characters & storyline... what comic would you choose?

- I guess years ago when reading various webcomics.
- nope, I'm a teacher.
- I honestly don't quite remember, I think I just picked names I liked.
- My friend Evevon. :3

Question 11:
Is Ciel truly a part of Noah?
(I.E Was she made by Noah's willing mind???)

Also, you doing fine buddy?

- O: Noah obviously didn't consciously design her as she is.
- yes I am!

Question 12:
Which Protagonist could reach the other's locations the fastest, if they choose to for some reason?

Would the character know the exact location they needed to reach? Because Tobi has zero clue where she is right now.

Question 13:
Does Toby need food? Or that just acts as a healing item?

How much time does is need to make one normal page?

Can Toby see deep underground?

- Good question, might answer it some day!
- usually "30 minutes", but sometimes art assets take hours to prepare, but they get repeat use, e.g. backgrounds.

- Her sight is somewhat limited due to distance, so there's depths that go too far for her.

Question 14:
What are "golems"? Is Three some kind of golem?

- Can't really answer without spoilers.

Question 15:
When Pablo and Guy discuss Pirate of the Storm, they mention her almost reaching top 10. But Eugene says she's number 3. Is Tobi's storyline that much later with Ariara gaining more notoriety?

- Where did Eugene say this?

Question 16:
What's your opinion of 8-Bit Theatre?

- eh?

Question 17:
Three carries something long and red around the Lorg Harbor. What is it?

- useful stuff he never got to use!

Question 18:
Why does Smile refer to 2 people as "Blue"?

- Cause they're both the blue player!

Question 19:
What's the canon height of the main characters?

- I charted it out somewhere, I should find that again.

Burk's around 6', Noah's not particularly tall and Tobi is shockingly short, like, kid-sized.

Question 20:
Are all the story happening at the same time

- Largely.

Question 21:
Is Burk’s sister a Burk, or is Burk unique in his Burkiness?

- I mean ... it kinda speaks for itself!

Question 22:
Most cities in Justopea we've seen so far are surrounded by walls. Why? Is the island that dangerous? Is the rest of Justopea like that?

Byrde has no wall. Why? Safe area? Too small to warrant spending money?

- Second guess is correct, smaller villages don't get the comfort of large protective walls, a place like Byrde just isn't worth the expense.

And yes, the Empire s quick to deem things dangerous.

Question 23:
Can Alex magic up a robot of her dreams? Does she want to? What will Veda say?

- no
- yes
- kinky

Question 24:
What do other people see when Noah enters someone's mind? Does he just suddenly disappear?

- yep, noah goes poof.

Question 25:
Are you ever going to do another Q&A? (Irony)

- ok fine.

Question 26:
What's creepy about Sandra and Woo?

- Just the weird mix of sexual jokes and themes & tiny kiddies.

As always, feel free to post more questions in the comments for the next Q&A!

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Sunday, August 5 2018 - 10:26 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Q&A Part 5:

1. Do you have plan for the comic to end? I.e. (Dreamland Chronicles)
Pr will the story never end? I.e. (Sandra and woo)

> I have an end in mind for the current story, yes.

Also Sandra and Woo is creepy.

2. What made you decide to become a pixel artist?

> SNES games!

Specifically, finding out that people on the internet actually made art similar to SNES games and it is a thing you could just ... do.

3. What inspired HoH?

Too many things lol, ranging from real life politics, to anime and manga, to cartoons to video games to movies. I like remixing inspiration.

4. The game announcer speaks through the smiley contestant in a way he described as "trippy". Why? Does he take control over his mouth (or any equivalent)? Can the announcer control the rest of the contestant's body? Or is the contestant just a remote-controlled puppet?

> Good questions, but can I answer them without spoilers?

5. The announcer seemed to understand Three. Did he?

> nah.

6. Thanks for your answer. Now I'm imagining Burk in goldplated armor equipped with a weapon made from black crystal.
Is he now the most dangerous being in the world?

> He'd be pretty effective at fighting magic users ... gold armor would probably be heavy though.

But dangerous? There's definitely many characters quantifiably more capable of destruction.

7. Another thought about the reach of the antimagic. While I clearly exaggerated last time I'm wondering if there is some way to generate such an antimagic field in the first place. I jokingly said 10 km rsdius for the black crystals which could of course not be the case since it would mean that basically the whole city of Lorg is a completely magicfree zone which it is not.
So, is it possible to generate an antimagic field? What must be done to have one? Do they exist in the Empire or do they work on inventing one?

> In theory it should be possible, but it clearly isn't easy or fields like that would be all over the place.

8. Do undead exist?

> Define undead.

9. Exists a worldmap? Can we see it?

> Yes, but no. >:3

10. When a dying elf mentioned empire harboring a monster, who did he mean? Veda? Nail? Someone else we've seen?

> I'm not saying it's not Veda.

11. What's the deal with the superstrong man, who bled all over Noah? Is he like Burk? Is he Burk's brother? If the 3 storylines are out of synch, is he who Burk used to be?

> No, no, definitely no.

12. Will Noah ask Cherry about her pandemonium power?

> The answer to any "Will Noah" question usually comes in the form of "if someone or something forces him to."

13. If you've got separate indexes for the 3 characters, can you make the 4th one for intermissions than aren't in either?

> Well the intermissions we've had so far are set to "all characters" :3

14. How did royal guards determime which children to invite to meet Veda? How did they find Noah had magic before he did?

> Good question.

15. Who hired the hitmen to attack Alex? Was it the guards/veda ploy to make her reveal herself?

> That would make sense but be a super dickish thing to do, surely the great and glorious Empire wouldn't resort to such underhanded methods.

16. How did you pick the name "Veda"? Any relation to Hindu Vedas or the translation of "veda"?

> Maybe.

17. How long ago did magic start to manifest?

> Exact moment of origins is unclear but it becoming the largest worldwide factor of influence spans the last 100 years or so, give or take.

18. How fast does time in Rauel go compared to the real world?

> Let's hope for Tobi's sake it's 1:1.

19. We've seem Emporio Garrimon in concealing clothes on page 720, where he is named. Have we seen him anywhere else?

Is he King Baku?

> My personal theory is that Garrimon was close friends with Baku but started self-concealing because anyone close to Baku would feel ashamed that they'd never match his incredible sense of Fashion.

20. Why is a continent lost?

> Cause people are thinking of the wrong definition of the word lost lol.

21. s there a world map with all mentioned locations? (Heroland, Logan Alexander's castle, Deepwood, Clover Coast, Livarall, Justopea, Gloria, Heaven, Lorg...)

> ... Heaven? Are you trying to find an easy way to the good place? I'm on to you!

22.Does the Lance train need rails, or can it go without them? If it needs rails, did the lost continent expedition involve frequent stops to repair the road?

It doesn't *need* rails but it sure as hell prefers them, and the parts of the road that need repaired aren't exactly reachable anymore so. -shrug-

23. Does Marble dye her hair or is this her natural colour?

> She dyes.

Like always, add future questions in the comments and I'll answer them once I feel there's enough!

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Thursday, June 7 2018 - 12:30 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Trusting Levin..

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Tuesday, May 8 2018 - 9:29 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Q&A part 4:

1.So Herman's never tried chicken mole?

I have no idea what that is.

2. You have subverted many tropes time and time again throughout the comic. Is this something you do intentionally or is it just your writing style?

I try to subvert tropes where it makes sense, I don't think it's a good idea to just subvert stuff purely "cause you can"; but some narrative tropes are so cookie cutter I just think it makes for a more compelling/surprising story to avoid them or subvert them.

3.Does this mean Ariara is gone for good... Biblethump

Good question, why don't you ask her?

4. Burk: Threat or Menace?


5.Have any of the three title characters met any of the other title characters prior to the start of their respective stories?

And if they did ... would they care?!

6. Does Tobi's eyes actually change apperence when she use her "scan" power, or is that just for the convinience of the viewers?

A very attentive person might notice a glint of blue in her eyes, definitely less obvious than for you guys.

7. Approximately, how old are you?


8. Every gold blonde haired people are important/loyal?

Is every gold blonde haired person royal? nah.

But is every royal person gold blonde haired?

9.Magic is genetic? If yes, it follows the same rules as normal genetics?

And if this is the case, does it apply to all magic? HM.

10. Burk sis, hagness or hotness?
To Burk: Hurricane Kickstorm or Super Atomic Suplex?
To Tobi: Good luck.

Hotness, naturally.

Burk: Both at once.
Tobi: Yeah she needs it.

11.Are you gonna keep the old comment system or are you eventually change it for a more secure system like Disqus?

Ask penguin about it.

12.If for some **sudden** reason lets say you couldn't continue making more comics... is there some else you know who is a backup artist or something?

morbiiddd. not sure what I'd do if I was truly incapacitated.

13. Is your STORY written down somewhere so if you couldn't continue making comics someone would know whats the story is? or is it all in the buffer and your head

Mostly in my head with some of my proof readers knowing the global outline of future events. (upcoming arcs, etc)

14. When you finish the comic what will you do next?

HOH: the sequel!

15. If I understood your answer regarding the black crystals correct would that mean Burk armed with a black crystal is essentially the most dangerous thing in the world? Though it may depend on the radius of the antimagic. For example is any magic user within 10 km affected or do you need skincontact?

Black crystal negates magic it touches, it's very potent but has limits.

Burk together with black crystal would be a major threat to magic users who don't have alternative means of being a threat.

16. Of the three main characters, who is closest to completing Burk's "hero" plan? And who is in second place? Third?

Tobi is either in first place or last place depending on a few variables.

17. Faceless man: Five or Three?

.. I ... what?

18. So Lorg's blood sports, how do the other named games (i.e. the ones a certain "champion" played) compare to the Death Run thing Tobi breezed through?

There's a few variants, including:

- gambling like poker, where you risk limbs and organs rather than money.

- various competitive games that range from fighting to city hunt type events; usually with pletty bloody/unpleasant outcomes.

- wheel of fortune type games where the negative outcomes aren't very human health-friendly.

19. Why did you changed the name of the comic from "A Path To Greater Good" to "Hero oh Hero"?

Wanted a new name to make it clear the reboot was a whole new comic, and I felt Hero Oh Hero was simpler & to the point, while never being used by anyone.

20. Is the origin of Three different from the original comic?

Still basically the same, there's some very minor tweaks like anything, but nothing massive.

21. How many visits per day do you have on this website?

Around 600 or so unique hits daily, you can click the project wonderful ad bar for the graphs.


That's all the questions from last time! Feel free to ask more!

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Saturday, March 17 2018 - 7:48 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Q&A part 3:

Leave questions underneath for answers in Q&A part 4!

answers for last time:

-Does that mean that all 4-letter characters are important?

> Only the ones that matter, but yes.

- Is Ariara well and truly vaporized, or do you plan on pulling a G.R.R.M. and leave it ambiguous until a later time because we "never found a body?"

> Well any normal person or spirit user hit directly by that blast would basically be reduced to charred bones, or at least a very well done serving of hard-to-identify-who.

Maybe with some absurd level of spiritual defence, combined with gold, anti-magic items or other means of decreasing the full force of the blast someone could come out alive ... but the end result still wouldn't be pretty.

- How is Burk's power classified? Free, potential, pandemonium or something else?

> Burk doesn't fall in any of the typical magical categories.

If he does weird things, surely there's something else going on. (not being tongue in cheek or lying, he's not a free magic, potential or pandemonium user)

>I'm guessing that there is another, undetectable kind of magic that regular people can access with training, exhibited by Lacey, Guy, Daryll, and Burk. Is this true, or are these guys just really skilled?

- Well the comic's general aesthetic and style are somewhat cartoony, so for particularly skilled fighters I make use of some exaggeration to make combat look more fun.

e.g. Lacey spinning around using his wires is just Lacey being really gifted at using his bodily motion in combat.

>What's in Hevel's mouth? If it's a cigarette, why isn't it ever lit?

- A good question, canonically many other characters actually do wonder as well.

>Mage Baron ok?
Burk dental plan?
If Burk 5 are 1, who 2?

- Mage Baron not ok.
- That would be useful yes, until then, missing tooth.
- IF there is a "2", they'll probably show up at some point.

> Right now we know that gold and black crystals like the one Tobi got in Death Run are good against magic users. But would they work against The Jugde and Piper Pol and the others who use the power of the Mage King as well or would they be useless?

- They would work because they specifically counter magic.

gold is unaffected by magic, and magic using a proxy like piper is still magic, so still won't affect gold.

black crystals prevent magic users from using their powers entirely, the same rule applies to proxies.

> The ghouls in Tobis story said they were adventurers like her and even said their respective classes. Will Tobi at a later date be able to choose a class just like in the dungeons back home as well?

- Well the question is, are they adventurers in the same way as Tobi was, with classes that give them actual "powers", or did they just make up the names?

If the second: yes Tobi could do that right now, and so could anyone else.

> What is the favorite food of Burk, Pablo, Noah, Aude, Tobi, Three and Herman?

Burk: Various cultural dishes that allow him to taste the local atmoshpere.
Pablo: various spicy dishes.
Noah: mostly plain dishes, seafood and rice.
Aude: When she's in a good mood she's actually mostly vegetarian!
Tobi: giant burgers the size of her head, alternatively: fast and light snacks that don't upset her stomach.
Three: does three even eat?
Herman: chicken and chocolate, not at once.

-How big is your buffer?

> usually between 230-260 pages.

-Will we get an explanation for the sudden 'Smart Burk' incident from page 887 to page 903?

> Maybe Burk is always smart but just pretending not to unless confronted by something he actually considers a threat ...

Or it was just a coincidental moment of insight.

-Are ghouls monsters or something else?

> I mean ...what counts as monsters?

- Why everyone is terrified of the ghouls?

> Y'know how beastmen are considered scary/dangerous, but have some base rules of engagement to avoid pissing them off?

Let's just say ghouls are known to be quite impulsive.

- Are there other survivors in the Smile game?

> You'll see!

- What comes next? 1,2,_

> Faceless man!

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Monday, February 12 2018 - 5:08 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

More answers:

Like the previous news post, answers to the questions asked! spoilers left purposely ambiguous.

Feel free to ask more questions in the comments for future journal updates:

1. Hey, could you please do something about the expired discord invite? :)

> penguin can.

2. did you take inspiration from anything specific when created Ciel?

> Nothing specific I guess! I've seen some sort of mind creature/spirit in a lot of stories though.

3. On a scale from 1 to Q, What color does Burk smell like?

> green.

4. How old is Noah? And how old are the other sprogs from his saga?

> somewhere on the scale of 16 to 17, most of the other kids fall between 15-19.

5. Noah is ace, I can taste it. And who is Tom again?

> Tom is the protagonist of a little side comic called "tom rpg".

6. Who's going to kill Veda: Burk, Noah or Tobi?

> no.

7. Why does Aristocrat heal people?

> Why do you think the Aristocrat would want to keep people alive? The answer is straightforward.

8. How far is Tobi from Clover Coast? How far is Justopea from Clover Coast?

> Justopea is closer but they're both at a distance where the difference is fairly irrelevant.

9. How did the baron catch the Pirate of the Storm?

> He must've done something sneaky because she's probably one of the most difficult characters to capture from the current known cast.

10. How far can Ariara fly with her newly aquired gold properties and metal-controlling power? Can she cross the ocean?

> Most likely, she could already do so with limited access to metal; say a girder.

11. What would happen if Noah enters the mind of Three?

> good question.

12. Which members of Burk's family will not appear in the comic?

> The ones I feel would add nothing to show.

13. Why do all 3 heroes have 4-letter names?

> a coincidence that I've decided to make a pattern.

14. Out of the first three chapters, which one takes place 'first', in-comic time?

> There's at least some hints sprinkled through the story that give an estimation of the relative timeline, I know some readers have noticed 1 or 2.

15. Good one. Or would it be better to ask: how much time passed between each chapter?

> differs radically, ranges from minutes to days to weeks. Tobi's entire story in Lorg so far is basically spread over a day or so, while noah has over a month at the very least of content.

16. When are you going to get an actual aristocrat in brown clothes?

> no plans, but it could happen.

17. And why was Burk in and then fell from the sky?

> One of the biggest questions in the comic right now.

18. Why does Burk draw with crayons instead of writing to convey a message?

> he is an artist & thinks images speak a thousand words.

19. Do you have the entire script written for the story and are making the illustrations as you go? Or, are you creating both, chapter by chapter, based off of an outline?

> I have an outline for the general story + key characters, and flesh in the details for the next 2-3 chapters in a rough outline, then fill in the details when I get close to a new chapter.

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Saturday, January 27 2018 - 1:37 PM
By: Neoriceisgood

Answer batch #1

You guys asked questions, here are my answers:

Will reply to any questions asked underneath this post in the next news post! keep em coming.

Is the aristocrat related in any way to this old man Noah & co. are about to lure?

-> On some deep biological level all humans are related.

Will "the magic girl" eventually realize her error of vastly underestimating Burk's great physical prowess?

-> The real question is, will she admit it once she does?

Do pigs actually fly?

-> At least one.

How in fact did Malhart Piccarto graffiti entire buildings anyway? Is he a giant who can reach the top story without issue?

-> Well *he* isn't a giant.

Will Ciel ever find love?

-> Only if it functionally increases Noah's chances of survival.

When will Burk's glorious plan from his first ever crayon drawings ever be completed? Has he inspired the aristocrat to do the same?

-> You're keen to observe the plan was left incomplete, what happened to step 5?

And yes.

If the other old man was nice to Tobi after she fixed up his stuff, and this new old man cares for magical undesirables, would it be false to assume that all old men in this comic are inherently altruistic and nice?

-> Is the Judge nice too?

How likely is Burk to lose his pants in this upcoming arc?

-> 1.

Side note: I kind of want Noah to interact with Tuvi from Will Save World for Gold. I think their polar-opposite personalities will be of great fun and amusement.

-> Write fanfiction.

1. Are any of the characters from early Tobi's story entirely nonsentient 'NPC' types?

-> Yes but I won't specify how far I'm stretching the definition of 'character' for this answer.

2. Was what turned those pigs into giant monster pigs Free Magic xor a Pandemonium Power?

-> Depends on who turned them that way.

3. Is the Joy Cult coming back, xor was their inclusion mostly a nod to the original version of the comic where they were planned to come back?

-> My plans for them haven't changed from aptGG

Question about he comic: how and why did you decide to run THREE parallel stories at once, rather than focus on one of them? It's very clear that each storyline has loads of material to be an independent comic, and yet you've chosen the juggle all three - which is REALLY amazing.

-> The stories are all actually connected, so it'd make no sense to just do one without the others.

If I did a single-character comic it'd be someone entirely new.

Are there any LGBTQ characters aside from Tom that we've seen so far?

-> There's multiple representatives from all across the LGBTQ+ spectrum spread across the comic & future buffer. I'd wager at least three of them can be inferred from remarks or behavior within the comic.

How many 5 are Burk?

-> 1.
Can Picasso?

-> Piccarto?


-> Soon.