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Noah - 1796
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Monday, March 1 2021 - 12:12 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Free Magic User.

Is Jamal right?

24781: Nanashi - Monday, March 1 2021 - 12:16 AM

I really liked the old panel insert as a flashback! I didn't remember Catz being mentioned before.

...which I suppose makes me team Jamal!

24782: A - Monday, March 1 2021 - 12:23 AM

Dunno. But due to Noah's chronic lack of effort, I'd still deduct points from him even if Jamal isn't right.

24783: zet - Monday, March 1 2021 - 12:24 AM

I think Noah is now on the frontline 😬

24784: Jack - Monday, March 1 2021 - 12:43 AM

So what you're saying is he's dangerous and you don't know what else he can do? Not really a revelation there. What Noah should be concerned about is that he is now the one closest to Catz, who definitely seems agile enough to run more than one step without tripping.

24785: noname - Monday, March 1 2021 - 12:48 AM

Not like it particularly matters, right? I mean, I think it was fairly obvious since a while back that the cats were a form of free magic, and it's not like knowing the name of the free magic user is of much/any help. Knowing that Catz was able to create cats would've mattered just about as much as not knowing anything once the attack got started.

24786: spatulabuns - Monday, March 1 2021 - 1:00 AM

at least Noah has extraordinary information retention skills.

Also, happy birthday!

24787: Straightbackward - Monday, March 1 2021 - 1:32 AM

I can imagine Noah arguing that name does not need to imply preferred form to shape magic, it's an illogical reasoning hence not paying attention to such a detail.

24788: Zet - Monday, March 1 2021 - 1:36 AM

Just remembered - Burk talked to Cats in Eddstadt - you think this might be related to that magic user?

24789: Johoh - Monday, March 1 2021 - 2:07 AM

@noname Not necessarily; given what most characters have seen so far, there was no indication that Catz could do anything other than create cats (e.g. a single pandemonium skill). However, since Catz is a free magic user, that leaves the door open to all kinds of rule bending, especially since they didn't undergo Veda's limiter training.

24790: SilentWrangler - Monday, March 1 2021 - 4:12 AM

So you mean pull Kimberly on them

24791: Zyzyzyryxy - Monday, March 1 2021 - 4:26 AM

This would fit better around 1784-1786, but I only found it now:
Using syringes on a cat... didn't work. Was it foreshadowing?

24792: Seb - Monday, March 1 2021 - 8:16 AM

Noah is just not very genre savvy, which makes sense. He's Noah

24793: UnknownID - Monday, March 1 2021 - 11:29 AM

Not remembering a magic user named Catz when being confronted with a cat attack is as worst as not connecting the dots, imo.

24794: Haika - Monday, March 1 2021 - 11:55 AM

Catz best character

24795: Kiithnaras - Monday, March 1 2021 - 12:20 PM

Let's be honest: Noah forgot, too. Ciel reminded him just now more than likely.

24796: Umbra - Monday, March 1 2021 - 4:38 PM

honestly I expect cats be the The third Girl form those pictures back when they just arrived.

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