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Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 12:00 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Further instructions.

Yay, a treasure hunt!

16621: Leo - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 12:04 AM

Oh shit, the Smile Foundation is recreating the game Tobi was born in!

16622: Sid - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 12:18 AM

Oh I may have an idea on the cleaner's role in this game... also I think we can take this as confirmation that there's other contestants

16623: Burr - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 3:40 AM

Do they hunt for the pig head?

16626: TheMegax - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 4:20 AM

We need to find the pig body!

16627: TheMegax - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 4:52 AM

Red, fish, one contestant is exempt of rules except killing, one contestant has vital supplements taken.

?,?, one contestant is exempt of rules except killing,?.

Fox Lady:

16628: Mystik - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 6:15 AM

I really want to see how 3's been doing

16629: Cluedrew - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 6:25 AM

So it seems the timer did start from when the contestants woke, and Tobi may have woken up about 25-30 minutes after the other two. Actually Fox Lady/Bob may have woken up earlier than Levin and was trying to hide how close she was to not making it.

@TheMegax: I don't think Levin knows about the exception, as I recall he only mentioned the main rule.

16630: Bisected - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 7:20 AM

Well, they've already won a pig's head.

16631: TheMegax - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 7:29 AM


Yeah... I figured out later. The Smile logo said to Tobi: "Now, a secret only for you" before saying the tip.

16632: TheMegax - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 7:31 AM

... But now, REAL traps, REAL treasure, REAL BLOOD!

16633: Tom - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 10:27 AM

Good God, this arc could be a comic if and of itself.

16634: Saiko - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 11:46 AM

I don't think Tobi really wants or needs any treasure. There is no village requiring help. She does it basically for "progress", and already got different forms of ID as a prepayment, so she only wants to finish it quickly and be done with it.

But maybe on the way she'll find something interesting to... dismantle. And maybe she'll find Three. I couldn't help but notice a glaring lack of Threes.

16639: someone - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 3:22 PM

The thing is that their belonging (other than the clothes they wear) have been confiscated and placed as treasure in the dungeon. That's why one of them is looking for their missing medicine.

I'm tempted to guess that it's Bob the Fox Lady who needs it, BTW. Perhaps some kind of anti-berserk drug.

Anyway, the point is that the treasures they find might very well be someone else's belongings.

Also Tobi really ought to be in blinprints mode all the time, it'd help a lot in finding secret caches.

16640: whitemanpt - Wednesday, March 21 2018 - 5:29 PM

WHITE ? who got codname white?

16641: B - Thursday, March 22 2018 - 12:02 AM

She probably wants her grappling hook arm back, that's for Sari.

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