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Saturday, August 6 2022 - 12:18 AM
By: Neoriceisgood


Pop that bubble like a piece of fruit.

32857: Ajonos - Saturday, August 6 2022 - 1:03 AM

Man, it doesn't take much for Noah to start the bleeding eyes.

32858: Hennet - Saturday, August 6 2022 - 1:37 AM

Is it Bowling time ?

32859: Darius Drake - Saturday, August 6 2022 - 1:43 AM

@ Ajonos: Of course not, he hasn't had a chance to recover from overworking himself before. This is basically the same as if someone who just ran a marathon until they dropped from exhaustion ten to twenty minutes ago was told "run to the end of the street away from the axe murderer". Even if they try, there's no evidence that they can actually reach the end, and the attempt would be at their worst.

Basically, Noah's eye-bleeds here are keeping Noah's level of exhaustion through this event consistent.

32860: ? - Saturday, August 6 2022 - 2:09 AM

he's probably worn out considering it's been a marathon of suddenly having to try

makes me wonder if he'll get hospitalized like gaz for overdoing it

32861: Nathan400 - Saturday, August 6 2022 - 2:13 AM

Noah's been pushed to his limit repeatedly already this night, and he never really trained hard enough to raise it. Small wonder it's not taking much to have him bleed at this point.
I also remember Burk's line, about how artificial magic users never end well.

32862: Brilliand - Saturday, August 6 2022 - 2:20 AM

"All the time in the world"? Ah, so the nightmare admits they're now safe from it.

32863: Briggs - Saturday, August 6 2022 - 2:58 AM

Well to be fair noah has been pushing his limits in that regard quite alot today, not to mention the fact he has little training on this level of magic use.

32864: Jay - Saturday, August 6 2022 - 3:17 AM

If using spirit is on the table, the spear trick from page 2183 can shred groups of basic grunts just fine so I wonder what Noel could be going for here. Maybe ignore the puppet guys and cannonball their way straight to Chernyl?

32865: LuKo - Saturday, August 6 2022 - 7:56 AM

Noah was a child at the start of this mission and will be a manchad by the end of it. (At the hospital with Gaz, but still...)

32866: Whim - Saturday, August 6 2022 - 10:15 AM

Pinball time with Noel!

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