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Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 12:52 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Diplomatic Arsenal.

Hammerspace baby.

24025: Jack - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 1:12 AM

How much weight is Pablo carrying around? I've been getting the feeling Pablo is a better fighter than he lets on for a while. For example, page 654 he's chasing Adell and she comments on his ridiculous running speed, even with all the items he's carrying. If this is how Livarall trains and equips their diplomats their soldiers must be terrifying.

24026: Venator Animarum - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 1:15 AM

And time for a protagonist change...

24027: Some guy - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 2:48 AM

Clearly this is diplomatic room, not hammerspace.

24028: Bisected - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 3:15 AM

Travelling light isn't in his job description.

24029: Baprr - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 3:29 AM

Time for Noah to go into Gazz's dream.

24030: Darius Drake - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 3:43 AM

Honestly, a lot of Pablo's stuff, excusing the bags of money, could easily be lighter & easier to handle than what we would normally expect.

For example, this table. What we actually see is some legs, an apparently strong outer edge (that's likely on both sides), and a cover that reaches the ground. If the cover can be hardened & softened as needed, then that makes up most of the table and everything else is just decoration & supports. And those could be repurposed in other Diplomatic Weapons, like the representative bird.

The only real issue here, from what us readers have actually seen, is whether or not Pablo can pull out all of his Diplomatic Weapons at once. I'm guessing that there's a certain combination that hits his maximum threshold but fulfils all requirements to host a fully stocked diplomatic meeting in what would normally, and otherwise, be an empty field of grass.

24031: Noone - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 3:44 AM


24032: Straightbackward - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 3:57 AM

Either a robot or a bag of holding with other bags of holding inside of it.

24033: noname - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 4:46 AM

Ah. I see. Pablo is some kinda reasonable-adult counterpart to Yakko Warner. That makes sense.

Also, Piper, you literally shoot fire and Burk is Burk; you've no room to complain about Pablo's magitech.

24034: Purpletail - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 8:48 AM

You know, there are ways to explain this in-universe, but it's funnier if he just doesn't.

24035: Violet - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 8:49 AM

Piper WISHES she had hammerspace like that.

24036: Kiithnaras - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 12:55 PM

Hammerspace? More like Pablospace!

24037: A Loquacious Theorizer - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 2:39 PM

What on earth, piper says?
I wonder where that saying comes from...

24038: The_Squished_Elf - Wednesday, December 16 2020 - 6:14 PM

@Jack - If I recall correctly, Livarall is a fairly small country that maintain its relative independence through its highly trained and heavily equipped diplomats. They're like Livarall's equivalent to the Justopean Royal Guards; relatively few in number, and capable of neutralising dozens of dangerous foes all by themselves. More numerous than the Royal Guards and more heavily armed in exchange for less trained.

Also, I see Piper enjoys Half-Life memes.

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