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Neoriceisgood's avatar
Friday, October 22 2021 - 12:00 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

The Five.

Three probably knew that.

28202: Kiithnaras - Friday, October 22 2021 - 12:23 AM

Worst possible Lorgian crime?

Hmmm...Breach of Contract. Murder and Theft don't seem to be that heavily-policed.

28203: random - Friday, October 22 2021 - 12:55 AM

Wait wait wait... I think in these game there was a page with the revelation that 3 is actually speaking in pictures (it was seen through a camera or something), and that was understandable to Mr Smile? So technically he would have understood the answer?

Or my memories are completely wrong about this ...

28204: almondsAndRain - Friday, October 22 2021 - 2:12 AM

@random: Three spoke in pictograms on this page, but Smile either didn't seem to understand that he was trying to speak or ignored him: http://www.neorice.com/hoh_tobi_1164

28205: Straightbackward - Friday, October 22 2021 - 2:30 AM

Oh, wait Lorg has laws? Was this Nero's law about burial that everyone hates because life is less valuable than any burial?

28206: Some guy - Friday, October 22 2021 - 2:32 AM

I would say this is actually a problem for Smile since this stops the whole thing from being an experiment or contest and turns it into Smile arbitrarily introducing rules to arrive at a preconceived outcome.

28207: zet - Friday, October 22 2021 - 3:33 AM

The worst crime in Lorg? Idk, altruism?

28208: Tor - Friday, October 22 2021 - 3:36 AM

I cant see whats a problem for Smile.
Or turn this away from being a experiment/contest.

There is a world of difference between a static buzz. And saying GO, Heroland, Alliance of Soverign Nations, Oceanic Cartel and Valiance.

If you cant answer in the correct language its tough luck. This whole game has been full of tasks where one contestant had an advantage over others. In the punishment game anyone with a normal human body were at a massive disadvantage.

Here in the second round of this game, anyone without a voice is at a equal disadvantage.

28209: Detective Caillou - Friday, October 22 2021 - 4:49 AM

Can I assume Justopea is part of the Alliance, considering the Beast Nation is the only independent actor trying to put an organized military together?

As for Lorgian crime, yeah, anything can be bought and sold here, so I'm assuming that Grand Larceny against the upper class is the most severe crime here.

28211: Charter - Friday, October 22 2021 - 7:49 AM

Oh, I know!
It's operating a forklift without certification!

28212: TheMegax - Friday, October 22 2021 - 8:03 AM

Law? In Lorg? What do you think this is, a working society?!

28213: Theon - Friday, October 22 2021 - 8:05 AM

What’s the empire and why isn’t it in?

28214: TheMegax - Friday, October 22 2021 - 8:14 AM

Law? In Lorg?? What do you think this is, a functioning society?!

28215: Paintr - Friday, October 22 2021 - 8:29 AM

Probably something that damages the society of Lorg as a whole. Defiance to the government seems to simple though...

28216: Stank - Friday, October 22 2021 - 10:31 AM

Delete this comment

28217: Agent_Cook - Friday, October 22 2021 - 11:25 AM

Feed the orphans?

28218: Random Snail - Friday, October 22 2021 - 11:48 AM

Hmm, interesting how Vallance receives such a prominent size and position on that diagram there, yet Shalhia calls it the -self-proclaimed- sacred holy land and lists it last, which might possibly imply she considers it the weakest of the 5 recognized world powers or that perhaps there are some negative feelings on her part towards it. Also it seems that there is possibly some manner of connection between Vallance and the AoSN, wonder what that might be...

@Detective Cailou
That seems like a reasonable assumption, although it could well also just be a fully independent nation that is considered too weak to be on of the big 5. Note that Shalhia says that the Beast Kingdom is the only -threat- to the balance of 5, not that it is the only independent actor doing so. And it would makes sense for no-one to take it seriously militarily speaking, given all we have seen of magic users and the GO's own paladin forces. Also we have already seen how strong Foxy can be and if she can be taken to be in anyway representative of the average strength of a beastman then it stands to reason that the nascent Beast Kingdom military could stand to be -far- stronger then Justopian military could ever hope to be, at least not without obtaining something of their own to bring them back to relevance(which was pretty much stated to be the main goal of the Veda project after all).

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