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Tobi - 1174
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Neoriceisgood's avatar
Monday, June 4 2018 - 12:00 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Obvious iconography.

Seems legit, three.

17464: Hopefighter - Monday, June 4 2018 - 12:12 AM

Right, she's called Tobi King, so a crown is fitting.

17465: Tnoz - Monday, June 4 2018 - 12:27 AM

Well that's not going to come back to bite anyone later or anything.

17466: someone - Monday, June 4 2018 - 12:33 AM

I'd have expected him to give her his money (what use does he have for it?) but no.

He didn't pay attention to skull lady's spiel about "them having money at all might make them happy enough". He just painted a big target on Tobi by making her the only person with money outside of ward #3.

17467: The_Squished_Elf - Monday, June 4 2018 - 12:35 AM

Oh, no... Three, that's probably gonna hurt Tobi more than help her; I sure hope Foxy doesn't find out...

17468: Little Smile - Monday, June 4 2018 - 12:46 AM

okay that even more crafty than what i called out 2 Comics ago. nice work there.

17469: Saiko - Monday, June 4 2018 - 1:00 AM

I see two possibilities, which are not exclusive to each other. Both assume he is a scheming guy. First, he wants to be a hero and rescue Tobi from angry contestant. Two, he wants to be her sugar daddy.

17470: Centaur - Monday, June 4 2018 - 2:11 AM

Something does not add up. Specifically, "funds locked" sound effects.

In the previous comic, panel 1, Glass Lady explains she has changed the distribution, we see the "funds locked" sound effect, and in panel 2 she claims she's locked her counter.

Panel 3, we see "tap tap" and another "funds locked" effect, and panel 4, Smile Guy announces his account is locked as well.

Panel 5, more "tap tap" and another "funds locked", at this point presumably by Three, and we see the "fair" distribution of funds in panels 5, 6, 7, and panel 1 this comic.

Then we see some iconography identification by Three, and somehow Tobi's account grows at the expense of everybody tier-2.

17471: Neoriceisgood - Monday, June 4 2018 - 3:02 AM


The funds locked sound only appears when funds gets locked.

From the explanation, who can lock funds for which players?

17472: Datren - Monday, June 4 2018 - 3:07 AM

Holy shit, 3 is the best

17473: Centaur - Monday, June 4 2018 - 3:41 AM


Now that I re-read the explanation, I get it. Glass Lady's, Smile Guy's and Three's accounts are locked, but everyone else's are not.

Seems legit, yes.

17474: Tor - Monday, June 4 2018 - 4:14 AM

Holy shit, 3 is the worst!

17475: Candor Zofain - Monday, June 4 2018 - 5:53 AM

@someone @Centaur
Three's funds were locked last panel. There were three "Funds Locked!" messages.
The rules were that it locks funds going into and out of YOUR account. Therefore, Three can't take money out of his account to give to Toby.
There was no rule against moving everyone else's money around after the fact. So three moved everyone else's money to Toby's account.

17476: TheMegax - Monday, June 4 2018 - 6:38 AM

Good deduction, Three. Nobody knew they had money in the first place, so win-win for Tobi and Three... unless... Mr Smile lied about keeping it a secret or if another contestant tells the truth.

17477: Kiithnaras - Monday, June 4 2018 - 8:26 AM

At least we can say this to Levin:

"You get nothing! You lose! Good DAY sir!"

17478: Z2 - Monday, June 4 2018 - 10:32 AM

This is the only comic that can make me actually, physically facepalm on a regular basis.

17479: Kis - Monday, June 4 2018 - 2:46 PM

This is brilliant.

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