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Burk - 1701
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Neoriceisgood's avatar
Friday, October 30 2020 - 12:00 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Stomped out Completely.

By surprise fisting.

23797: mu - Friday, October 30 2020 - 1:01 AM

“The Skystroke Hero” fits him very well.

23798: Straightbackward - Friday, October 30 2020 - 1:42 AM

Oi, that Sky-Strike dude sounds a bit too self-rightgeous for me. Like a Lawful Good Paladin that has traded his Good points just to get an overflow on the Lawful axis.

No fair trial on the Pompadour muscle-man, yeh, fishy.

Now, is double-mass KO or X.X?

23799: Tor - Friday, October 30 2020 - 2:03 AM

Yes. Called it. Called who would be doing this. And why :D

23800: Tom - Friday, October 30 2020 - 2:38 AM

@Neorice - PHRASING.

23801: Greatsword - Friday, October 30 2020 - 2:39 AM

Boy, these two sure do look similar. HmMmMmMmMmM

23802: noname - Friday, October 30 2020 - 3:22 AM

I don't like this guy. I concur with Straightbackward: He sounds like a knight templar character. But I guess that will make his interactions with Burk kinda fun?

23803: Kath - Friday, October 30 2020 - 6:07 AM

The details and textures on that fist are just distractingly nice, it's so good, I love that pixel art

23804: Luminous Lead - Friday, October 30 2020 - 6:08 AM

Hey! It's that guy I suspect of being Burk's brother!

23805: Battle Brother Thurigen - Friday, October 30 2020 - 7:25 AM

Well, that "Power Pomp" got POWER PUNCHED!

I bet it will really frazz his precious pompadour, and everyone knows those things take weeks to get perfect at the hair-stylist.

23806: Tor - Friday, October 30 2020 - 7:37 AM

... no fair trial?
What the heck have you been smoking?

The muscled idiot was -litterally- attacking unarmed and peaceful civilians. With a lethal weapon as far as someone like Pablo is concerned.

The Skystroke hero was completely right in his assesment. That sort of behavior does need to be stomped out mercilessly, as it does tarnish the reputation of all the other heroes.

23807: Storm - Friday, October 30 2020 - 7:57 AM


I'm assuming KO. As Logan Alexander explained in (www.neorice.com/hoh_burk_218):

> I'm fine. We get knocked out easily.

Likewise, I assume that Goldman was just KO'd, as was the Heroland Shader that Goldman shot.

Seems to be part of the bizarre, real-world-physics-defying rules that go along with the world of heroes/adventurers. We've seen three even more extreme defenses so far: (1) apparently Three, from Tobi's arc, can only be taken down through special circumstances; he'll recover even from major bodily disfigurement; (2) the two guys who interrupted Burk-vs.-Ariara could apparently transfer bodies upon defeat, presumably being able to transform back too; (3) the Paladin from Tobi's arc claimed that the ghouls had defensive powers like Three's, plus the ability to simply respawn if fully destroyed.

I kinda wonder what secrets the top-level folks at Heroland might be hiding. Maybe heroes get more access to information and powers as they progress in the organization? Perhaps high-ranking heroes can respawn, too?

23808: Ladon - Friday, October 30 2020 - 9:01 AM

I never wanted to be one of those guys and frankly never thought I would but I think you need to have “you really can’t help but show off” or “you really can’t help showing off”. “You really can’t help but showing off” reads weird and I’m pretty sure it’s not grammatically correct. I don’t know why I care but there you have it. Fun page though. I personally think sky strike or whatever the blond heroes name is (I’ll look it up later) is being overly “late and order” as a bit of a show but I guess we don’t know enough about him yet.

23809: JBloodthorn - Friday, October 30 2020 - 9:10 AM

Keep in mind that Skystroke outranks Doublemass, Nightshade does not. Also, both DM and SS have white star hero backing, Nightshade does not. So Skystroke may be covering for Nightshade here, to keep him from getting in trouble with whichever white star is backing Doublemass.

23810: SirBlackAxe - Friday, October 30 2020 - 10:01 AM

I noticed the inclusion of "out in the open" there, Skystrike. Implying it's ok if it's hidden?

23811: Storm - Friday, October 30 2020 - 11:14 AM

Any bets on how Burk'll react?

Is Burk going to challenge this new powerful player to a fight? Express adoration for the muscly physique? Suddenly run away, just to see what they'll do? Reveal that the entire scene is an illusion which doesn't fool his Burk-o-Vision? Burst out in tears, having finally found his long-lost brother? Make a comment based on off-screen information previously disclosed by a cat he talked to earlier? Distract everyone by revealing Pablo's secret: that Pablo is, himself, a cat that's made itself a Mech body through its technological mastery in order to pose as a human diplomat? Stare at everyone in an uncomfortable silence?

23812: Mephisto - Friday, October 30 2020 - 11:51 AM


23813: A Loquacious Theorizer - Friday, October 30 2020 - 2:50 PM

Skystrike has heavily muscled legs, while Burk does not.
Also, that hair looks a lot more similar to The Noble than Burk...
maybe The Noble has a role model?

23814: Aleph - Friday, October 30 2020 - 7:08 PM

You know, now I think this guy *isnt* Burk's brother. I'd expect Burk's family to fight closer to Burk himself, having such a flashy magic power is very un-Burk-like.

23815: Violet - Saturday, October 31 2020 - 6:53 AM

A blight on the reputation of heroes? What about the blight of buff guys wearing speedos in public?

23816: Aleph - Saturday, October 31 2020 - 11:55 PM

You know Skystrike is a Knight Templar because he uses the word "blight". Only Knight Templars use that word, like how only they use the word "righteousness"

23817: Codfish - Sunday, November 1 2020 - 8:52 AM

Burk's brother?
Against: doesn't skip leg day. Blond.

For: seemed to recognize him during the fight with Goldman. Has hair in his eyes. Is the best. Isn't wearing pants.

But more importantly, go find that cat Burk!

23818: A Loquacious Theorizer - Sunday, November 1 2020 - 12:55 PM

@codfish while both Burk and The Skystrike Hero have a significant showing of not wearing pants, it looks like The Skystrike Hero has an outfit without pants in it from the start, while Burk starts looking for pants after losing them.

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