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Burk - 1364
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Neoriceisgood's avatar
Friday, July 19 2019 - 12:49 AM
By: Neoriceisgood

Gems of the organization.


20197: Yobestboi - Friday, July 19 2019 - 1:16 AM

The dude far to the right is totally not from Tom RPG...

20198: Darius Drake - Friday, July 19 2019 - 1:28 AM

Lot's of suited goons seem to occupy this "lounge". Almost as many as media would suggest occupies a Mob Bar.

20199: Brilliand - Friday, July 19 2019 - 1:35 AM

I do not think "residing" is the proper term. That would mean those heroes are using the lounge as their residence. Saying they're "located" there would be more important.

20200: someone - Friday, July 19 2019 - 2:38 AM

It seems to be mostly mobsters, honestly.

20201: Bisected - Friday, July 19 2019 - 3:30 AM

The eyes!

20202: r3m - Friday, July 19 2019 - 7:08 AM


20205: UnknownID - Friday, July 19 2019 - 12:27 PM

Oh, she' such a nice bot! Always helping before you even ask her!

20206: Leo - Friday, July 19 2019 - 12:53 PM


Read Tom RPG and come back, you'll find this arc much more interesting.


20207: Yobestboi - Friday, July 19 2019 - 9:55 PM

What do you mean slow? The comic is beyond slow, its post schedule is already generous and the pacing is well done. If you go back and read other arcs/chapters that are already finished you'll find that they're decently paced. The only reason neorice has made this go on for a bit longer then expected is for the sake of build up. The only reason mini-cha was repeating various words and/or phrases was for the sake of making the plot deep. If you don't enjoy a deep plot and proper build-up then do everyone a favour a please leave or keep the comments to yourself.

20208: R3m - Saturday, July 20 2019 - 7:23 AM


instead i'll stay here and do whatever the fuck I want, including complaining when I feel to. Make me stop, though kid.

20209: Neoriceisgood - Saturday, July 20 2019 - 9:18 AM

@R3M & @YoBestBoi

Keep it civil please. People leaving criticism is fine, constructive or not.

Swearing, insulting other readers & in-fighting in the comments isn't fine, future comments that fail to be respectful will be deleted.

Thank you.

20210: Storm - Saturday, July 20 2019 - 8:05 PM

Here's to hoping that Mini-cha does turn out to be Burk's robotic teammate!

I mean, obviously, Mini-cha probably isn't the sort of entity that we'd have expected to fill that role. But then again, Pablo wasn't the sort of wizard one may've expected either. And for that matter, Burk isn't the sort of... anything... anyone might've expected, for anything, ever.

Incidentally, I can completely see a Mini-cha-like assistant being super popular in real life once robotics comes along just a bit further!

20211: Potatopeelerkind - Sunday, July 21 2019 - 3:15 AM

I will admit that I miss the faster pace of the first few chapters. Tobi's in particular seemed to hit a bit of a standstill when they went into the game. The first Burk arc was only about 200 pages- Tobi's been in the game for that long, and it doesn't look like we're anywhere near the end.

20212: Yobestboi - Sunday, July 21 2019 - 3:51 AM

My sincerest apologies if I caused any sort of tension or any bother to you. I was simply telling the other commenter to please "spammy"type comments to himself. Once again I apologise if I caused any distress.

20213: Yobestboi - Sunday, July 21 2019 - 3:53 AM

Please keep the insults to yourself, I don't want simple replies to be a catalyst for a pointless argument. So I will not further be replying to your criticism to keep the chat in a civil manner.

20214: Aston Whiteman - Sunday, July 21 2019 - 10:54 PM

So being 100% gay helped the Hero win in that Webcomic. Ok..

And now for the Word Wizard.

20215: nathan400 - Monday, July 22 2019 - 12:01 AM

Ummmm . . . . . . .
One of Mina-Chan's eyes is blue.
Blue and very tech related.
. . . . .
It's not EXACTLY the same.
It might be a coincidence.
It MIGHT be.
But where I find one connection, I find it's wise to be seeKing more.

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